Download RRR 2022 Full Hindi Dubbed Movie in HD With English Subtitles. Watch Now !

Download RRR 2022 Full Movie Hindi Dubbed in HD With English Subtitles. Watch Now !

IMDB Ratings: 9.2/10
Directed: S.S. Rajamouli
Released Date: 25 March 2022 (India)
Genres: Action, Drama
Languages: Hindi ORG
Film Stars: N.T. Rama Rao Jr., Ram Charan, Alia Bhatt, Ajay Devgn
Movie Quality: 1080p PreDVDRip
File Size: 2600MB

Download RRR 2022 Full Movie Hindi Dubbed in HD With English Subtitles. Watch Now !

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Story of RRR

In 1920, British governor Scott and his wife Catherine pay a visit to Adilabad forest and coerce Malli, a gifted Gond girl, into Delhi. Komaram Bheem, the tribe's guardian, comes in Delhi to rescue the girl. Scott's office is warned of Bheem's mission by the Nizamate of Hyderabad. A. Rama Raju, a police officer, offers to apprehend Bheem in exchange for a promotion. He joins a conference of independence militants and makes the suggestion that Scott be assassinated. Lachhu, Bheem's aide, invites Ram to join them. He runs, however, upon learning that Ram is a police officer.

Ram and Bheem meet by chance and band together to rescue a boy. They form bonds with one another while concealing their true selves. Ram assists Bheem in becoming acquainted with Scott's niece Jenny. Bheem accepts Jenny's invitation to the governor's palace, where he secretly meets Malli and assures her of her rescue. Ram arrests Lachhu in order to inquire about their leader's location, but in vain. Lachhu seizes and tosses a banded krait snake towards Ram. Lacchu cautions Ram that if he does not have anti-venom, which is solely known to the Gond people, the bite would kill him within an hour. Ram eventually makes his way to Bheem, who tends to him. Bheem discloses his objective to Ram. Bheem and his soldiers enter the palace on a vehicle brimming with wild animals. Ram, on the other hand, obstructs him in his capacity as a police officer. Bheem, enraged, beats Ram and rushes to Malli's rescue. Ram stops him at point-blank range as Scott is holding Malli hostage, resulting in Bheem's surrender.

In a flashback, Venkata Ramaraju, Ram's father, revolted against the British and gave his life. Venkata obtained a guarantee from Ram that he would provide a weapon to each participant in the uprising. Ram is now promoted to special officer for his role in apprehending Bheem, who is condemned to death by public execution. Scott offers Bheem compassion if he kneels, but despite Ram's severe whipping, Bheem refuses. Bheem's song motivates the populace to revolt, and the cops apprehend him. Venkat's buddy Venkateswarulu assures Ram that his aim of obtaining weapons would be accomplished now that he has been assigned to oversee an armaments shipment. Ram, on the other hand, feels sorry for his acts and places a higher premium on rescuing Bheem and Malli. As part of his plot, he wants Scott to kill Bheem on the outskirts. Scott, on the other hand, realizes the ruse and injures him. Bheem frees himself and fights off the guards, while Ram shoots and kills a guard over Malli's head. Bheem, mistaking this for an assault, knocks up Ram and flees with Malli.

Bheem and his soldiers are sheltering in Hathras a few months later when British troops arrive. Sita, Ram's cousin and fiancée, detects the danger and drives the British away by feigning a smallpox epidemic. She informs Bheem that Ram has been condemned to death for opposing the British in order to rescue his closest buddy. Bheem expresses guilt for his acts and assures Sita that he will rescue Ram. Bheem infiltrates the barracks using a blueprint provided by Jenny. He liberates Ram from the jail by carrying him on his shoulder due to Ram's inability to walk. They battle the cops together and manage to escape. Bheem cures Ram, but they are attacked by the cops in the woods. Ram retaliates by seizing a bow and arrows from a shrine dedicated to Lord Rama. Bheem, armed with a spear, joins him. They evade the cops and make their way to the palace. They launch a motorbike into a chamber filled with TNT, causing the structure to explode. Bheem locates and gives the weapons to Ram. Catherine is assassinated amid the pandemonium, while Ram and Bheem assassinate Scott. They rejoin Sita, Jenny, and the others. Ram lectures Bheem about the need of repaying the favor. Ram goes to his village and fulfills his pledge to deliver the weapons, while Bheem returns to his hamlet and reunites Malli with her mother.

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